Subaru Has Gone to the Dogs…Again!

If you’re a dog owner, this next ad is for you; Subaru is going to the dogs yet again, but only in the most delightful of ways. Check out the video below and try to imagine your own pup at the wheel—better yet, try to imagine your own pup safely strapped into the back seat of your new Subaru car, crossover, or SUV—but hey, it’s good for a laugh!

To follow this campaign on social media and see more of The Barkleys, check out the hashtags #MakeADogsDay and #DogTestedDOgApproved.

Why Should Dog Owners in Atlanta Choose a Subaru?

Dogs are like children, except they are better in every conceivable way—okay not every way, but it’s hard to resist our goofy, drooly, four-legged friends, isn’t it? They become part of the family and we love them like our own, which means we want to bring them with us whenever we’re getting out of town or heading for adventure in our Subaru Crosstreks or Outbacks, but like our real children, our pups need to be securely fastened in to make sure everyone gets there safely. Subaru understands that safety matters, regardless of how hairy your passengers are.

“With more than half of Subaru drivers having pets, we believe it is important to celebrate the love of pets shared by our owners,” said Alan Bethke, senior vice president, marketing at Subaru of America. “Pets are considered members of our Subaru family and utilizing the Barkleys in our campaigns allows us to connect with our customers in an authentic, fun, and entertaining way.” —from a January, 22 2018 Subaru of America Press Release announcing Subaru’s new, four-legged advertising strategy.

Whether you’re flying solo or you’re riding with Fido, a new Subaru crossover or SUV is the right way to make sure the adventure gets chased (not tails) and everyone gets there safe. Ready to see what the Subaru lineup has in store for you? Join us in Kennesaw, GA to check out the model that calls your name loudest, then clear it with your co-pilot, and get to making memories together.

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