Subaru Eyesight: At the Forefront of Safety

Subaru has always been a carmaker known for being at the forefront of safety. This last decade, Subaru has upped the ante by adding the cutting edge automotive technology to keep you and yours safe.

In 2012, Subaru unveiled EyeSight, a system of driver assistance features capable of helping prevent accidents in a variety of ways. At the time, EyeSight was a costly upgrade option and was something of a novelty at the time. Few other automakers were offering similar systems.

Currently, the Subaru EyeSight system remains one of the finest driver-assist technologies on the market. And Subaru now offers EyeSight standard on a number of their most popular models.

How Does Subaru EyeSight Work?

At its core, Subaru EyeSight starts with the cameras mounted in the Subaru. These cameras are mounted just above the central rearview mirror and face outward to scan the road ahead.

The EyeSight cameras can detect other cars on the roads of Kennesaw, the road’s lane markings and any other obstacles that may cross the upcoming path of the Subaru.

The data from the cameras are analyzed by a sophisticated computer algorithm that makes decisions based on speed, distance, and other factors to help the driver if assistance or correction is needed.

What Does Subaru EyeSight Do?

Once the data from the mounted cameras is analyzed, EyeSight can offer driver assistance in multiple ways. These can range from the gentlest of corrections to bringing the vehicle to a complete stop to avoid a collision in and around Marietta.

Adaptive Cruise Control

Most people are familiar with standard cruise control, an automotive system by which the driver can set a constant speed that the car will automatically maintain. EyeSight’s adaptive cruise control takes this concept to the next level.

With adaptive cruise control, the driver can indicate a variety of rough following distances from the car in front of them. The EyeSight cameras will lock onto that car and dynamically adjust the speed of the Subaru to maintain that following distance in Smyma.

If the preceding car speeds up, the Subaru will accelerate to keep pace. If the preceding car’s speed decreases, the Subaru automatically brakes or reduces speed. The adaptive cruise control makes driving in traffic tremendously less attention-consuming and stressful.

Sway Warning and Lane Assist

Another aspect of the driving experience the EyeSight cameras are monitoring is the driver’s lane position. The cameras can pick up most lane lines and can track whether or not a driver is staying within them.

If the driver begins to veer outside the lines, an audible alert and flashing console warning will activate. This can be especially crucial because one of the most common reasons drivers veer out of lane is falling asleep. The alarm can literally be a life-saver when waking a driver who has nodded off.

This part of the EyeSight system also monitors and tracks whether the driver is swaying in the lane, and will activate a similar warning.

Pre-Collision Throttle Management and Braking

Finally, the EyeSight system is monitoring the stretch of road ahead in and around Woodstock for any obstacles the Subaru might be in danger of colliding with. This can be another vehicle on the roads of Canton, a stationary object, or a pedestrian.

When EyeSight detects that an object is rapidly approaching, it does two things. First, it lets up on the throttle to make braking easier. Then, if the driver has not begun to brake and a collision is imminent, EyeSight automatically deploys the brakes. The system is even capable of bringing the vehicle to a complete stop if necessary.

See Subaru EyeSight at Work at Subaru of Kennesaw Today

The EyeSight system makes Subarus among the safest cars on the road, an assessment borne out by numerous studies and tests. We may not be ready for fully self-driving cars. But the Subaru EyeSight system proves that AI is already able to transform the driving experience for the better.

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