One of the best reasons for Woodstock drivers to love a Subaru is its long-lasting quality and performance. But to get to 200,000-miles of adventure you will want to stay up to date with all of your Subaru service needs. Here at Subaru of Kennesaw, we are here to help our customers stay on top of routine service to ensure that their Outback, Legacy or WRX continues to perform at its best for many miles to come.

What is routine service and why is it important? Routine service is when Kennesaw drivers bring their Subaru in for service at regular intervals to keep your Subaru operating at its best. Subaru technicians have detailed a maintenance schedule to help Subaru drivers stay up to date with when to bring their Subaru in. For example, how often should you have your oil changed? It used to be every 3,000 miles but with more efficient engines and synthetic oil you should have your oil changed roughly every 6-8,000-miles.

Routine service is the best way to get the most out of your Subaru and ensure that it will remain on the road for many miles to come. When service needs are not preformed regularly you run the risk of damaging key components of your Subaru, like your engine. When the engine oil isn't clean dirt is building up in the engine and will make your engine work harder. This means that you will also use more gas and the moving parts of your engine will heat up because of friction and possible warp over time.

Give our service center a call today to get schedule a time to get your Subaru in for service. Or if you are short on time swing by our Express Service Lane for minor service needs.